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Thread: Cladun: This Is An RPG Receives Release Date

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    Cladun: This Is An RPG Receives Release Date

    This article has helped in the creation of one of Cladun's random dungeons. Look within if you want to see what 8-bit fun Cladun has to offer later this month.

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    Hooray! Really looking forward to this and ZHP.

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    The main character is whoever you want it to be, as represented in 8-bit sprite style, be it Flonne, a Prinny or Christopher Walken. The player also has complete freedom when it comes to creating an archnemesis, who will scale with your abilities as your character progress through the game.
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    Any news on pricing?
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    Maybe I should ask a PR peep what's up before posting in a public place, but I'm playing this game now for the RPGamer review and the dungeons aren't random. The main quest dungeons are all preset, or at least if they are generated randomly they don't change when you revisit them, which I highly doubt is the case here. There is an optional 99 floor dungeon that's randomly generated each time you enter it, though. So in that sense, the stages are more Lufia 2 or Disgaea in that the main quest levels are set and you jump into a huge optional dungeon to get your random on.

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    Can not wait for this game.

    I already anticipate spending almost as much time crafting sprites as actually playing the game.

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    I think I'll be getting this. I'm more looking forward to ZHP though.

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