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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 151: "Oh yeah, Blizzcon"

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    RPGCast - Episode 151: "Oh yeah, Blizzcon"

    RPGCast - Episode 151: "Oh yeah, Blizzcon"

    Innocent Sin, a PlayStation Phone, and a game about personified game consoles may top the list of stuff we didn't expect to ever see. We've also the Extra Life drawing winners and some thing called Blizzcon?

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    Miss hearing Mikel on here, but I really love the new variety as of late. Keep it up, it's a good dynamic.
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    Yeah, would be fun to do it again, but right now the time slot isn't working for me.
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    Poor Silktail! Seems poor Strawberry Eggs was having the same trouble with the backtrack. You can join Strawberry Eggs and I in the "Gender-ambigious RPGCast Rangers," a group of heroes devoted to helping the RPGamer Podcasts be the best they can be... while having the hosts completely confuse their genders.

    Speaking of World of Warcraft holidays, the moment Hallow's End finished and Day of the Dead began the quests leading up to the Cataclysm have begun with all of their rewards and glory. It's a very boring phase one, but for anyone waiting to come back to WoW for the event and Cataclysm, it's begun now. And good luck in Zul'gurub! My play time nowadays is going in there to try to get the last mount out of it.

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    Hey, the questline for phase one is pretty amusing. You get to post propaganda and run around with a doomsday placard. Plus, on my server the Stormwind RPers were getting into it. Somebody made a <Twilights Hammer> guild and was shouting prophecies of doom, and somebody else was sitting next to King Wrynn, naked except for his doomsday placard. This is why RP servers are more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocelot View Post
    somebody else was sitting next to King Wrynn, naked except for his doomsday placard.
    Actually, we had one of those on Draenor most of yesterday too. It was a human who was alternating between dancing, kneeling, and begging. It was pretty epic.

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