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Thread: Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches Next Year

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches Next Year

    Eager Star Wars and BioWare fans will only need to wait until sometime next year to enter the Old Republic. For those interested in seeing whose Schwartz, er, Force is bigger, we have included a recent trailer of a PvP zone from the game.


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    Everything I hear about this game makes it better and better. The way they're handling crafting is so awesome: all the work is done by your ship's crew. They gather the materials and craft the items.

    Wish I could play it on a console, and I still hope they will cut'n'paste the MMO's major storyline into a workable single-player RPG in the future (Bioware was considering it), but for now it looks like I'm gonna have to play it on the PC.

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    I'm looking forward to this, especially because my girlfriend and I have been in a tabletop Star Wars game, and one of the race/class combos they're having in this is the exact one her tabletop character is

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