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Thread: Saren to Publish Memoirs on PS3

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    Saren to Publish Memoirs on PS3

    Okay, it isn't exactly going to be Saren's own take on his story, but anyone who buys Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 will certainly get a chance to see how the Turian leader made his mark on the galaxy. If you want to know how, or learn about the other things that will be included in the game, you'll need to read this article.

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    Not a bad solution. I played 1/2 to death on the 360 (mostly before they made resource gathering easier with a patch..grrr), and I was curious how they'd handle it for the PS3 folks. I take it, that despite being cerberus network release, this won't find it's way over to the same network on the 360? I could see some 360 players wanting to streamline multiple playthroughs with different choices. This sort of approach is definitely quicker, even if it lacks the import bonuses. I wonder if there'll be limited/collector's content, or just a standard version...

    EA got pretty with spreading bonus items around for Dragon Age. How many different retailer-items were there? Wasn't there a hot-topic t-shirt item? Anyway, spreading the wealth around is all well and good, it's when content gets denied to players on a certain platform, or when content is irrevocably retailer tied that things get stupid. Fable 3 for instance. To get all the preorder tattoos and weapons would require purchases from Best Buy, Walmart, and Gamestop. Unlike most items, they're not tradable online either. Avoid that sort of thing, and I'll be happy.

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    Actually, of all the ways they could have handled this, I'd say this is probably the best one. It's a good idea.
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