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Thread: Radiant Historia's Official Site Opens

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    Radiant Historia's Official Site Opens

    Atlus has opened the doors to Radiant Historia's official site, and they are welcoming anyone who wants to wander through time. Just keep your head down, because something is buzzing around in there at high speed.

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    Ooh, pretty piano pieces. Between that and the music in the trailer, I can tell I'll be playing this one with my headphones on.

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    Shimomura does have a very distinct musical style. The music in this game definitely reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, though still distinct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omegabyte View Post
    The music in this game definitely reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, though still distinct.
    The trailer music didn't, but the piano samplers do have that feel. This isn't the first time I've heard someone say the music in an unrelated game sounds like KH. My girlfriend said the same thing about one of the boss fight themes in Mario & Luigi 3.

    Compare these two fight songs from Legend of Mana and Parasite Eve. The bass lines are similar I think.
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    The trailer music reminded me more of Luminous Arc 2, personally (yes, she did about 1/3 of the music in that game, too).
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    Looks like there is finally a time travel story, that might give Chrono Trigger a run for its money

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