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Thread: Venetica Crosses the Atlantic

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    Venetica Crosses the Atlantic

    Atari is giving us a chance to visit Venice, the legendary city of canals, gondolas, adventure, romance, and... unnatural monsters? Is nowhere safe in the world of RPGs?


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    I'm calling it now: This will be terrible at worst, mediocre at best.

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    God, I thought this game would never cross over the Atlantic. I'm glad to hear something about it.

    Unlike the Confessor, I'm rather interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confessor Rahl View Post
    I'm calling it now: This will be terrible at worst, mediocre at best.
    I'd have said the same about Two Worlds II... if not harsher, but the import reviews and impressions for that one are glowing. Not judging any more European RPGs by their lame looking covers.
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