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Thread: Imageepoch Shows Off New Trailers

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    Imageepoch Shows Off New Trailers

    Final Promise Story and Black Rock Shooter: The Game make something of a strange couple, but they always seem to show up together. It must be a mutual interest in catastrophic apocalypses, or something.


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    they certainly are easy on the eyes, but can't say much else until I see how the games actually play.

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    Ooh, pretty. Would like to see more of gameplay and such at some point but Final Promise Story looks rather hopeful for me.
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    I hope ImageEpoch lets us have the original Japanese with English subs for both of them. Final Promise Story looks like it has the most promise though. I can't wait to see both of them! ~_^ Knowing XSEED though, they'll probably only give us one or the other... and not both. If I have to choose, I'd chose Final Promise Story. BlackRock Shooter doesn't seem to be your traditional RPG though. It looks a lot more like a Parasite Eve end of the world scenario... with a LOT of guns. Now if only they can keep Final Promise Story AWAY from Ignition, we'll be all set! Whoops, me bad. NIS is handling both of them... PLEASE PLEASE don't screw these two up! PLEASE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by reionpremente View Post
    I hope ImageEpoch lets us have the original Japanese with English subs for both of them.
    For PSP games? Unlikely. Not enough disc space.

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