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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 157: "Starring Jackie Chan"

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    RPGCast - Episode 157: "Starring Jackie Chan"

    RPGCast - Episode 157: "Starring Jackie Chan"

    Pan media sensation Jackie Chan headlines this week's fantastic podcast. We also have the premiere of Roy "Rosestorm" Burnet, who helps us delve into such amazing issues as PlayStation Quests. It's also a big week for MMOs with Blizzard launching a new expansion and Square turning over all the leaders of the FFXIV team.

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    For those of you are playing PS1 games on the PSP, the Type 1 controls default the L2 and R2 buttons to the analog nub. L2 is left on the nub, R2 is the right of the nub, and up on the nub presses them both.

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    Thinking of doing Saturday mornings as Friday nights are difficult over the holiday period? ... Umm as in Christmas morning and New Years day (presumably after staying up to see the year in)?

    I think I'll to give those live shows a miss

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    Yea same here unless i get up early and watch amap before i havta go to work (it sucks working weekend moring as i do all weekends for the past 2 year)
    also when's this comin up on itunes

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    Man, Quin's voice was glitching pretty bad this show! I could almost swear he called the Linebarrel Anime good!
    ive got candy

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMaddness View Post
    Man, Quin's voice was glitching pretty bad this show! I could almost swear he called the Linebarrel Anime good!
    I personally did find it rather enjoyable.
    It's not the best mecha series I've ever seen (That still goes to Macross Frontier and Martian Sucessor Nadesico), but it was a fresh take on the super robot genre, which is something I usually don't watch that much.

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    First half is good, then things get...not good.
    But, if you liked it, I suggest you read the manga, which is superior. Plus it includes lots of schematics and info about the Machina.
    And TALISMAN, which they added to L, even though it seems to follow the anime storyline.

    Now I need to think of something on topic to talk about...
    Hmm, about the handheld subject. Games like pokemon and I think Dragon quest have been getting a lot of use out of the ability to download items and whatnot onto the DS. I'd like to see them get a little more use out of that, perhaps with additional quests or episodes added to games, maybe characters into RPGs. Heck, for Games with good composers, it'd be pretty sweet if you could get some downloadable tracks you could listen to on your handheld, because honestly even the sound function on the current DS isnt bad.
    Im pretty sure they have the capability to do things of this vein already if they thought of it/ wanted too.
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