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Thread: The Demon's Souls Servers Refuse to Die

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    The Demon's Souls Servers Refuse to Die

    The Demon's Souls servers may have been set to Pure White for the holidays, but that is merely a masquerade for their evil intent. Even Atlus is afraid of them now, and it may be too late to stop them.


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    The fact that they'll ever go down at all is why I just can't bother to even consider online parts of games, but it's still cool that they're keeping them up longer than they said they would.
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    Considering I'm only now getting this game as part of my xmas gift, I'm certainly glad to hear I can still use the online aspect if I choose to.

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    Thought they'd extend it longer, but not surprised. The game seems to still be selling well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheels View Post
    Thought they'd extend it longer, but not surprised. The game seems to still be selling well!
    If it keeps selling well, they will extend it longer. Atlus's business model requires them to work within a very confined space - they don't print a lot of copies of their titles, and in this case, they can't afford to keep their servers open if there's no demand for it. Considering the awards the game has gotten and the recent Greatest Hits edition, I doubt the game's servers will be shut down when this new deadline arrives.

    In any case, by the time it does ultimately get shut down, the chances are that Project Dark will be out and players will move on to that.
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