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Thread: The RPG Sanctum Opinions #1: The State of the Genre

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    The RPG Sanctum Opinions #1: The State of the Genre

    The RPG Sanctum #1: The State of the Genre
    Notes: The first episode of The RPG Sanctum will focus on the current state of the RPG genre as a whole. Our panelist will muse about where they think it sits and where they think it is going.
    Guests: Michael Cunningham (Macstorm), Phillip Willis (JCServant), Emanuel Merino (Risingsuntzu), and Special Guest Robert Boyd from Zeboyd Games
    Date: Thursday January 20, 9pm US Eastern Time
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    I'm in despair! Current RPGs have left me in despair! (This short video clip is from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. If you aren't familiar with the series, then know that it's an absurd dark comedy series in which almost anything will drive the main character into despair.)

    That said, I dunno how I feel about RPGs these days. In some ways, I'm still looking for games that are not too serious, tough, or complex. In other ways, I'm looking for games that are groundbreaking and offbeat. Either way, it helps if the RPG in question is 2D and at least slightly cute.

    It's been about seven months now since I wrapped up Sakura Wars SLML on PS2. Since then, I haven't found a recent RPG that seems personally interesting. Every now and then, I'll replay an old favorite and think about why I liked it, and whether or not I still enjoy it. I even tried a recent western RPG (the 360 version of Dragon Age), but it didn't appeal to my tastes.

    I'm taking a break from RPGs these days. The only upcoming RPG that I will definitely buy is the translated DS version of Dragon Quest 6. Maybe in the next few months, I'll find a new game on iOS or 3DS that sounds interesting.

    Instead of RPGs, I've been learning some board/card/light strategy games, enjoying some puzzle and casual games, and getting into eastern and western visual novels.

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    The current trends in JRPGs have left me, in a word: bored. I don't think the creativity in Japan has just dried up, I think we are officially in a drought. The only new game I've played in the past 3 years that I have really liked is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

    The current trends in WRPGs have a lot of promise, but Western developers are too concerned with making things dark and gritty to actually realize that it's okay for a hero to actually WANT to be a hero.

    But the worst part is the current trends in RPG fans. They are in such a rush to get through this week's/month's game that they don't stop to enjoy it. The internet is loaded with spoilers less than 24 hours after a game's release, and some people grow very elitist when they found out that you:
    A) Skipped "X" game and don't have plans to go back and replay it, or
    B) Are waiting to finish your current backlog of games before you go out and purchase the game that was released yesterday.
    For me, it still takes me 1-2 months to finish a single RPG, and I've found myself more alone than ever in my hobby.

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