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Thread: Jikandia: The Timeless Lands Demo on PSN Today

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    Jikandia: The Timeless Lands Demo on PSN Today

    Not much is known about Jikandia: The Timeless Lands, but Aksys Games has a treat for those who are dying to learn more. For those who have their PSP handy, check out the PlayStation Network for a "timeless" goodie.


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    Wow, that is one UGLY looking game. That and it's seemingly gimmicky premise (I'm getting half-minute hero vibes, which is bad considering I hated that game) make it a definite "pass" in my book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleuVII View Post
    I'm getting half-minute hero vibes
    Not surprising, because both this and Half-Minute Hero were developed by Opus Studios.

    Personally I liked the graphics as they fit its simplistic gameplay... although I say that without having played the game yet.

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