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Thread: Ys I & II Chronicles Gets Musical

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    Ys I & II Chronicles Gets Musical

    Do you prefer new instrumental arrangements of classic game music or the original synthesized versions? No matter what your preference is, XSEED Games has you covered.

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    Cool stuff. I'll probably switch back and forth as I play for variety. I'm sure I will spend enough time in each area to hear a few loops of each version

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerker View Post
    Cool stuff. I'll probably switch back and forth as I play for variety. I'm sure I will spend enough time in each area to hear a few loops of each version
    I will probably do the same thing. That is awesome though, all 3 sounded fantastic!

    That being said, I am so excited to play this game. I'm one of the Ys guys who has gotten into them from XSEED's translations. Seven being the first game, then The Oath in Felghana.
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    If anyone hasn't played this game in one of its many versions, I highly recommend you do so. This game is to action RPGs as Dragon Quest is to turn-based. Your Kingdom Hearts, Tales, and Star Ocean would not exist without this piece of RPG history.

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    Which Ys would you recommend for first-timers? What I've seen in the video looks interesting, but appears to involve a lot of mindless button mashing. I've also heard the plot in most Ys games is 'bare bones'.

    I have a PSP I've never used for games before, and I want to know what are the best RPGs for it.
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    Ironically, it's actually the opposite of button-mashing -- combat is buttonless in most versions of Ys I & II (Chronicles included), such that you simply ram into enemies to attack automatically. If you hit them head-on, you'll take damage, but if you hit them off-center or at an odd angle, you'll DEAL damage.

    It's tough to recommend an Ys game to start with, but I'd say you're PROBABLY better off starting with Seven or Felghana. Go with Seven if you want to "ease" your way into the series (no pun intended!), since that's definitely the most accessible... and go with Felghana if you're looking for a more accurate indication of what the series as a whole is like, and don't mind a bit of old-school challenge. (:

    I & II Chronicles wouldn't be a BAD start, either... but it's probably the most DIFFERENT of all the Ys titles, and may scare off new fans who can't handle its awesomeness. That's part of why it was saved for last in American release order.


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    Can't wait for this, have it pre-ordered for the hair metal pack.
    The week is going to be busy with Tactics Ogre, Ys I & II Chronicles and Dragon Quest VI... agh
    Not to mention March 22nd is Dissidia Duodecim, so hopefully I'll have those all beaten by then.

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