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Thread: Magic: The Gathering - Tactics Goes Live

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    Magic: The Gathering - Tactics Goes Live

    SOE takes the cards out of Magic with this on-line tactical RPG. Of course, it doesn't take the micropayments out of Magic. That would be sacrilege.


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    It's probably a good thing they decided to launch it as a F2P title. If I recall correctly, EA's Battleforge didn't do so hot until it went F2P. Plus, the last time they tried to do M:tG as an RTS it didn't go over so well.
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    I will probably try this to see how it turned out. The sad thing is that, imho at least, MtG could make an awesome strategy game, but no one has ever really tried making a decent one. Games are either just straight digitized versions of the card game, or a complete mess.

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