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Thread: Kick! Punch! It's Demo Time For Yakuza 4

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    Kick! Punch! It's Demo Time For Yakuza 4

    Kick, punch... it's all in the mind. Oh, who are we kidding? Yakuza don't use their minds to solve problems. They do, however, encourage that you try out the demo for Yakuza 4... or risk being punched in the face.


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    Uh oh.....that means after I beat Yakuza 3 I will get right into Yakuza 4...I thought I will be playing Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! aka Yakuza Spinoff in Samurai Japan this spring.....well so be it...Kenzan is my very first Japan imported Game ever in over 20 years of sure can wait a month or so longer on my shelf ^^

    Oh... I do not own PSN+ and although being a big fan of Yakuza I can hold out a week in your Face moneygrubbing PSN-

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