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Thread: Spectral Souls Appears on Android Phones

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    Spectral Souls Appears on Android Phones

    Anyone remember Spectral Souls? If you do, there's a treat over at the Android Apps Store for those who'd like to revisit this tactical RPG.


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    Wasn't the original game awful?

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    Iv got the version for the psp i havent played it that much but it seems like a ok game, the load times are the worst iv come across a second to load the speach bubbles in story scenes, but as far as i can teel the ones in battle arnt as long (somone might have to correct me on this one). The other week it came out on PSN here in the uk, so i dont know with downloadble games if they sort out the load times. Playing this game i can see where they got most of there ideas for the battle system in Agarest: Generations of War but not as bad (well at least i think so).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheels View Post
    Wasn't the original game awful?
    The game is considered awful by many. Personally I enjoyed it, but it has many many flaws. You need to be extremely patient and determined to get anywhere in this game like many idea factory games.

    Some major flaws that irritated many people were:
    -Confusing storyline
    -Unclear instructions on how to do certain tasks and how to progress the game (serching for locations was a real pain).
    -The worst load times ever.... "I.... a...m... going.... to.... ki...ll... you." When conversations load slowly... imagine the combat.

    Anyway... if you can see past these issues... the non-linear gameplay, variety of characters, and intensive customization, can all be quite appealing.

    If you can handle the load times.

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    If this port has alleviated load times, it might just be better than the PSP version.

    All in all, the game was pretty decent, but it was impossible to tell for most people because even with my PSP overclocked and running the game from a high speed memory stick the load times are still kind of bad, and it loads for absolutely everything that occurs.

    Select a character, load, move that character, load, open their skill list, load, select their skills and stack them, load inbetween each attack, and then load when the unit gains experience, and so on and so forth.

    The game was just exceptionally poorly coded.

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