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Thread: Final Fantasy IV Complete LE for Europe

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    Final Fantasy IV Complete LE for Europe

    Europeans get a Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Special Edition with tons of extras. There will be a limited supply, so get your hands on a pre-order if you want a copy.

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    Okay, wow. Europeans got lucky with this one!

    I wonder if a LE edition will hit NA, too.

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    Not bloody likely, NA always usually gets shafted for SE PSP LE.

    This, Lords of Arcana, Dissidia Duodecim, The 3rd Birthday, KH: BbS, and Tactics Ogre all got or are getting a LE in Europe while NA gets a regular edition and some usually crap-tastic pre-order bonus.

    It's not that far off from release, I doubt we'll get this one either.

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    So far I haven't heard of any extra thing for pre order here. And I would love the special edition. FF IV is one of the few I'd ever spend a lot of money on. It's also the only FF that has a direct sequel out that I want to play. Well except for 13, I haven't played 13 yet to know if I will or won't. I hope there' a nice pre order bonus. it'd be amazing

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    Europe gets all the awesome SE collector's editions. It's almost like war reparations from all the missed gaming from years ago.
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    order them from They have really cheap prices, and free shipping to the US. I got/am getting 4rd Birthday/Duodecim/This/Tactics Ogre LEs all from them. can also be good. I got the BBS LE there for pretty cheap.
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    Maybe because the dollar is getting weaker now Japanese companies want euro. I won't be surprised is games now begins to be released on Europe first.
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    Well Europe does usually have to wait longer for games to be released and usually has to pay more so I guess its fair I'm not really into LE's much but I will be playing this once released.

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    Cool stuff. Don't see any point in fretting over where it's released, it's not like there's a trade embargo or anything. As a rule though it's usually the Eurropeans who are importing; North America might get shafted on some special editions but Europe has a long and enduring history of getting shafted on entire game releases. I really doubt anyone in North America would like to switch places.
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    There is a publisher out there that likes us! Won't be getting this myself as I'd only want it for the After Years which didn't particularly interest me but nice to know S-E Europe is going ahead with more of these.
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