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Thread: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Obtains A Release Date

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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Obtains A Release Date

    With this purchase of your new CyberArm Deluxe Version comes an additional soundtrack CD, pop-out art book and 'Making Of' holodisk. What's on the soundtrack CD? The sound of metallic grinding; it's big in France, I hear.

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    The PR tagline for this game should be "Putting the augment in August"

    I'll be here all week folks.
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    August just got a bit more Awesome

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    August is my birthday month. Someone over there must have received the memo. I. Can't. Wait!

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    Man, all the way back to August! Fall term starts at the end of August, so I'm hoping this gets a mid-early Aug. release date so I can finish off the summer nicely >

    Edit: Never mind, just read the story. Right at the very end :/ Looks I'll be doing some all nighters to make progress on this before the hell term starts lol
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    After the trailer theme Icarus was released for free on their site, I listened to it at least a hundred times. I really am hoping that the soundtrack is on par with that song. If it is, that would be a soundtrack worth getting the whole pack for. Not to mention that their art so far as been excellent

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