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Thread: Free Realms is Free on PlayStation Network

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    Free Realms is Free on PlayStation Network

    Remember Free Realms? Well, for those who forgot and own a PlayStation 3, you can give it a whirl at the end of March... for free!


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    Free Realms was fun until we ran out of things to explore. Unfortunately, since launch the emphasis seems to have been on "micro"transactions instead of substantive new content. Seems like a good place for pre-teens to hang out, though. Certainly better than Neopets.

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    Looks interesting. I'll be at least checking it out. Hope it doesn't become as boring as Playstation Home was...

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    free means I'll check it out, because why not?

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    I'm not sure this is much better than having Playstation Home (another excuse to charge you $$$ for cool clothes)
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    TT great time to have a broken PS3...
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    Gave it a whirl last night, when I saw the "oh, there's a Mac version!" note.

    Once I got into it, I figured (since I've been playing Minecraft, and had a Mining guild in WoW) that since the Mining Trainer was right nearby, I'd give that Job a try. Did a few quests (try the mining mini-game, go to the mine to talk to the guild leader, mine some ore for NPC, visit the Smith and try the Smelting "minigame", mine some gems for NPC), and then hit the "Come back when you're level 5 to learn more" quest.

    Well, I knew from some minor reading that lv5 is the limit for free play. So I did a couple more rounds of the mining minigame to get some more Ore & gems.... and discovered that the limit is actually 4.999. You can't hit lv5 without paying. Oh, and the deeper parts of the mine were also "lv5 to enter". Oh, and since they earn you XP, you can't do the minigames again if you can't level!

    So, having hit lv4.999 as a Miner, I could no longer actually do any Mining any more. Or Smelting ore, if I wanted to try Smithing.

    .....yeah. And then I uninstalled.

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