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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 39 - Crystal Frontier Tierkreis Remnant

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 39 - Crystal Frontier Tierkreis Remnant

    It's not so much when compared to March 2011, but March two years ago was stuffed with releases. Comprehensive coverage of these games would require many hours, but even a truncated discussion is quite informative.
    March 2009, that's the theme.
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    suikoden ds was an alright game. i didn't care for the voice acting because with most games i can read faster than the characters can talk. the overall game i found too slow compared to a console suikoden. i didn't get the good ending because i was too lazy to get all the characters because it just took to long to go anywhere. i rushed through the game and decided it is my least favourite suikoden, i actually liked suikoden 4 after giving it a second chance and clearing the first dungeon, i began sailing around recruiting characters and just having a good time. and suikoden tactics was amazing, painting the battle field with elements! never been done before. then there's a whole bunch of characters to recruit and grind up. best tactical rpg ever!

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    This was a really interesting backtrack, some of those game I was wondering if they were good, it's seem so, like I never been to Steam, I might check it out this week end!
    I was wondering what was the ending music at the end of the cast?

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