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Thread: Axe Falls on Setarrif, ArcaniA Expansion Canceled.

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    Axe Falls on Setarrif, ArcaniA Expansion Canceled.

    It appears that the expansion to Gothic 4: ArcaniA has been CancelleD. Are the piranhas biting at JoWood's exposed ankles? We're not certain, but something is going down over there.


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    So close to release too. I'm sure the fan will be utterly devistated!

    Poor guy..

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    I'd say this one wins "Best Cancellation News of 2011," but that award already went to Gun Loco.

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    It's hard to be sympathetic towards a company that ruined one of the best PC RPGs series of the last decade.

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    Has JoWood done anything notable of late? They seemed quite content on milking the Painkiller franchise as best they could after PCF started working on Bulletstorm.
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    I'm not fan of the series as I have never played any other Gothic before (which is probably one of the reason I like it lol) but am probably one of the few that truly enjoys Arcania. Yes there is a few flaws here and there but the combat is fun, even more so than oblivion in MY opinion and even the graphics as well are absolutely breathtaking. If you change some of the video settings that doesn't turn down visuals much the frame rate comes to a very playable rate. I rarely seen from a cliff at the very far distant a beautiful port city or a castle or even a crystal mountain through the snow mountains that seemed so real and breathtaking. Any way to come back to topic I am very disappointed with the news as I was looking very much forward to it. From the screen shots, the environments looked even more stunning, oh well. At least Skyrim seems to take the same type of visual approach than Arcania, which is a good thing in my opinion. I guess I'll always be in the minority of gamers than enjoy more the opposite of the popular. Like how I absolutely adored White knight chronicle (so looking forward to May for the second) but was so disappointed with Demon Soul... definitely NOT buying the sequel. Different people different taste I guess

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    I love this series! I recently got a new comp mostly for the reason that my old one couldn't run Gothic 3. I'm really pissed to hear how bad the fourth one is, but ya know, I heard some terrible things about Risen as well when it first came out. Anyways, I'll end up getting this no matter what, if only to see how badly Jowood screwed it up.

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