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Thread: Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Pre-Order Bonus Announced

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    Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Pre-Order Bonus Announced

    Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns' pre-order bonus may be Natsume's cutest plushie yet. Say hello to little alpaca!


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    That's adorable. I was hoping for a guillotine instead.
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    A new harvest moon game?!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready for innovation!

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    Actually, the Harvest Moon series has been doing some experimentation lately. It hasn't all worked out well (see: Grand Bazaar), but I believe this one is going to have mini-quests like Rune Factory 3 did, plus it has two towns that the player can reside in, and a theme of bringing those two towns together. If you think every Harvest Moon is exactly the same, you haven't been playing them lately... or at all, considering that some of the older games really played with the formula, too.

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    I tried clicking on the main story link on the main page and my anti-virus blocked an incoming threat and wouldn't open the page. Just wanted to put that out there so you guys can look into it.

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