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Thread: Watch Atelier Meruru Show Off Her Stuff

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    Watch Atelier Meruru Show Off Her Stuff

    Gust has been pushing Atelier Meruru all over the Japanese gaming media. Take a look at some of these videos that showcase Meruru in motion.


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    I've never played any of the games in this series. Looks pretty, though. Kinda don't see much going on in the gameplay video, however. She's just running through the environments with random bubbles scattered about. I'm guessing they're supposed to have something to do with alchemy or something? lol.

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    I think their problem is that watching someone play this game is boring. Playing is fun (if it's anything like the other members of its family, Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori) as there are goals and stuff to work toward.

    The basic idea:
    1) Get quests (there's a time limit)
    2) Gather ingredients (takes time)
    3) "Synthesize" (takes time)
    4) Turn in ingredients and items for rewards

    What you see in the video is the gathering ingredients part. On the field are enemies to battle, but battle is pretty underwhelming (it isn't the focus of this series of games). There are rewards for winning, but you're limited in HP which limits the number of battles you can fight.

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    Absolutely. Watching someone play Atelier does not give you the whole "point" of a game. Some games can be watched and you'll "get" them. Others, not so much. I'd say something like FFT falls under the latter category, for a more familiar example.
    It's the actual work and management that I enjoy most, and that's not something you can see or even show someone else through movies.

    And, of course, Atelier titles are not everyone's cup of tea.

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