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Thread: Class of Heroes 3D Gives Its First Campus Tour

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    Class of Heroes 3D Gives Its First Campus Tour

    The faculty of Class of Heroes 3D would have loved to give everyone a live tour of the school's facilities, but given the risks and liability involved with monsters and deadly fire traps, they chose to provide these videos instead. Saving on treasure chest expenses is certainly not the real motive. Not at all.


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    I thought the first game was pretty difficult (in fact, I was killed many times within the first 30 minutes), but once I got past the initial difficulty spike I enjoyed what I played. I think I sunk maybe 12 hours into it, but the lack of story put me off in the end. This game does look pretty though!

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    I really wanted to like the first game since it reminded me of Wizardry and the old Might and Magic series. But the unwieldy crafting system, underpowered spell casting and, as Confessor Rahl pointed out, a lack of good story really turned me off. The trailers looks promising though. Increased customization of the protraits, though minor, is another tool to get you attached to your characters and there seem to be increased number of classes.

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    I haven't played through it all yet(got it back during the Atlus PSN sale) but the first Class of Heroes seems good. Since the other games haven't been released here I'm guessing this won't as well.

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