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Thread: Record of Agarest War Zero Collector's Edition Coming to Europe

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    Record of Agarest War Zero Collector's Edition Coming to Europe

    Do you live in Europe and are you jealous of the Limited Edition of Record of Agarest War Zero for North America? While it's not quite the same, the good folks at Ghostlight will have a Collector's Edition available just for you.

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    Ack, soundtrack CDs, my one weakness. Tempted to get it just for that and the chance to support Ghostlight as it's nice to have a publisher in Europe working on some of the JRPGs we won't get here otherwise.
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    I really want to support Ghostlight but they need to learn from companies like Xseed, Atlus and Working Designs when it comes to picking their games. Record of Agarest War is not exactly a JRPG enthusiasts pick of the litter.
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    Well, I'd keep the lessons from Working Designs to a minimum. This is the company that thought bringing over Shining Wisdom was a great idea. Not to mention their butchering of Silhouette Mirage, and wasting our time with Gungriffon Blaze.

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