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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 178: "Dropping a Deus"

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    RPGCast - Episode 178: "Dropping a Deus"

    RPGCast - Episode 178: "Dropping a Deus"

    The Legendary Zoltan gives us another lesson today. Then we examine the merits of premium addons to subscription services. Finally, Square Enix tempts us with iOS game release windows and a chest of goodies that RPGamer's resident dragon will surely want to horde.

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    Lezard from Valkyrie Profile is a pretty good example of a misogynistic character.
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    One of you suggested that all of you on the podcast play through Persona 3 together and talk about it on the podcast from week to week (I think you did something similar with Mass Effect a while back). I'd suggest that if you're doing a playthrough of a game to discuss on the podcast that it be a game that won't be a nearly identical experience for everyone. Something that will play out differently depending on the choices you make such as The Witcher or the original Deus Ex (good time for this one with Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the horizon). I think it would make for more interesting discussions.

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    or the bleach rpg! :P


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    You guys really caught my attention when you mentioned something about Monster Hunter Tri and Metal Gear: Peacewalker being released in HD on PS3. Was that a rumor or was it actually announced? I've always wanted to play a Monster Hunter game. By the way, Sabin, how's your list of games that you have to finish coming along? I've got two kinda big ones before I can buy a new game: Resident Evil 5 and Borderlands. After those two are platinumized I can FINALLY buy Atelier Rorona!

    Also, Lezard wants Lenneth. So doesn't that make him not misogynistic?
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    Overt misogyny is hard to pinpoint, as it's hard to find someone in an RPG that openly detests women. Perhaps womanizers/playboys would be more likely. Depending on the player, Geralt from The Witcher can fit this category, and given the cards from the first game, I'm guessing this behavior is being encouraged by CDProjekt.

    Here's a question, though: Why don't you guys ever read forum responses anymore? You don't like us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LegendaryZoltan View Post
    You guys really caught my attention when you mentioned something about Monster Hunter Tri and Metal Gear: Peacewalker being released in HD on PS3. Was that a rumor or was it actually announced? I've always wanted to play a Monster Hunter game.
    The PSP Remasters line was announced with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in Japan, and recent Kojima comments seem to lean toward Peace Walker also being in that line. So you should be able to pick MonHun up at least.

    The inspiration for the misogyny question was actually Palom from the After Years - maybe it's just me, but he really comes across as a misogynist in the PSP localization. If he's not complaining about his own sister "giving me lip", he's stunned that an Epot would need to learn black magic. I swear, he was this close to telling Porom to get to the kitchen.
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    Misogynist character: Sonic the Hedgehog. Toooooottttaaaaallllllyyyyyy.
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    I wish I'd written that poem about cats,
    But I didn't so all I can say is "drats."
    I almost got credit (all according to plan),
    When it was the product of another RPG fan.

    I'm really bad at rhyming, I sure am no poet.
    I have no lyrical sense, and boy do I know it.
    I wouldn't know a trochee from a dactyl or iamb.
    (At least I knew "Agnus" is Latin for lamb.)

    I had to write this little bit of poorly crafted verse,
    My compulsion to be a smart-*** is a bit of a curse.
    I was flattered Chris thought I wrote of his felines,
    But personally I'm more partial to canines.

    I thought I could be clever, but upon reflection, oh man,
    I've got nothing on that guy known as the Legendary Zoltan.
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