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Thread: Neverwinter Resurfaces at E3

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    Neverwinter Resurfaces at E3

    The taint of Daggerdale may still be fresh in our memory, but only time will tell if Cryptic Studios will give us a great D&D game or not. Yes, Cryptic Studios. That name may be just as surprising now as it was ten months ago.


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    Well, it looks immediately better than Daggerdale, but that's not too difficult a feat to accomplish.

    It's biggest hurdle is going to be trying to live up to what the Neverwinter name already represents in the gaming world. BioWare left them some awfully big shoes to fill.
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    I think I'll deprive some pedants in the crowd the pleasure of pointing out the AOL neverwinter online game's existence by doing so myself.

    holy crap anyone remember AOL, they made the best free coasters ever.

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    A: AOL is still around
    B: Cryptic was recently bought out by another company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fowl Sorcerous View Post
    holy crap anyone remember AOL, they made the best free coasters ever.
    My university closet door was totally blinged out with a collage of AOL CDs.

    I like the graphical style of this game, we'll see how the gameplay holds up! And yes, we know that Cryptic was bought out by Perfect World, but as far as I know it has kept its name and still has the same employees.

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    Looks ineresting - it's on my radar now, though I don't know what to make of it yet. One man's monument to himself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiliconNooB View Post
    Looks ineresting - it's on my radar now, though I don't know what to make of it yet.
    I feel the same, but is definitely on the radar. This is one of those only time will tell type games.
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    The most intriguing part of this game is being able to craft your own adventures for people to play, and have those adventures interact with the persistent world that Cryptic is setting up. If they do that well, I'm all in for this.

    Check out the Foundry interview to hear what I'm talking about
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