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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Impression - E3 2011

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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Impression - E3 2011

    While at E3, Anna Marie "Paws" Neufeld had the chance to dive into Final Fantasy XIII-2. Here are some of her quick thoughts on how this sequel is shaping up.

    E3 Impression

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    It has my attention. I wonder if it'll be as addictive as FFX-2 was for me (which by the way, was so addictive that I played through it 5 times in a row).

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    I dont know what to think of FFXIII-2.

    I really disliked FFXIII, which had in my opinion great graphics, music and characters, but a really annoying, linear gameplay, pointless sidequests,
    no towns or npcs and next to no variation in a very long game.

    Now after seeing that FFXIII-2 has towns makes me wonder if they actually listened to the feedback of gamers, and if they did it might not be bad at all.

    What about Versus ?
    That one interested me a lot more from what I saw so far.

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    I'm predicting VSXIII for holiday season 2012. One man's monument to himself!
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