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Thread: Record of Agarest War Zero DLC Recently Released

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    Record of Agarest War Zero DLC Recently Released

    If you've recently picked up Record of Agarest War Zero and need some special items, want an extra dungeon or a new outfit for each of the female characters, Aksys Games can give you just that. If it's not enough, more packs will be available soon.

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    This game is currently only out in Japan? I'm curious if it has been improved since the first Agarest game. To be honest, despite what people say about it, the first sounds pretty good to me. But if this one is better, than I'll jump straight to this one.

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    It came out in North America two weeks ago I believe, with the PAL release coming in about a month.

    There is a third game (naturally called Record of Agarest War 2), which is currently only out in Japan.
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    Sorry, Idea Factory. No Sale.

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