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Thread: Rune Factory 4 Comes to 3DS

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    Rune Factory 4 Comes to 3DS

    Between this and the 3DS version of Harvest Moon: Twin Villages, our virtual vegetables are really going to "pop" over the next couple years. There's more new stuff here too, including a main character gender choice.

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    Woohoo! So excited to see this finally being discussed publicly.

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    This does sound interesting... Royal main character? A phase in the relationship between stranger and engaged? Building your own town? All these sound fun.

    Still... farming without the grid? I'm a little wary of that one... I like the grid! It makes field organization easy!

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    What's that? The most convincing reason for me to invest in a 3DS?

    Cool, I'm sure when Natsume turns it around in about 2 years, I'll have the money ready.
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