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Thread: Dragon Nest Second Impression - E3 2011

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    Dragon Nest Second Impression - E3 2011

    Here is another impression of Dragon Nest from E3 2011. Check it out to see what reporter Nancy Tseng thought of it.

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    Shouldn't it be easier to learn the controls with a gamepad because there are less buttons?
    I plan on playing it with a gamepad for sure, because playing with a gamepad is just so much better even if it means I have to decide for 3 or 4 skills I am able to use.

    Also I want to add that there will also be Dragon Nest SEA which goes Closed Beta this month (July). While it's called SEA it's actually a global server allowing all players that don't have their own server yet. European players will be able to play on it.
    Dragon Nest SEA had 100000 closed beta registrations until now, which is quite a lot for an MMORPG, especially when it's excluding North American players.

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