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Thread: Frontier Gate Unveils its First Trailer

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    Frontier Gate Unveils its First Trailer

    The first footage has emerged from the depths of the wild frontier, and with it a look at the powerful creatures that inhabit that land. As a bonus, we also have some art for several important allies that can be found in the game.


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    Dammit Konami, where are you keeping Suikoden!?

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    look up, way up, too far check down, nope further down, on the left, no too far go right, too far again left, right some more. that's were it be, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jitawa View Post
    Dammit Konami, where are you keeping Suikoden!?
    Konami doesn't know what to do with Suikoden. The guy who originally designed the Suiko world is long gone (he left during the development of Suiko 3 in a tantrum because Konami drew the line on having a fourth main character) and the remaining folks would like to change the series, but fans weren't thrilled by a number of the changes introduced in Tierkries. It's probably difficult to work with somebody else's world, but that world is one of the big things that the series fans love... it's kind of a tough situation.

    But this is a Frontier Gate thread, so let's let that be that on Suikoden lest I have to give myself a penalty for breaking the Tales Thread Rule.

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    Any idea why this is called a "collaboration" between tri-Ace and Konami? I was under the impression it's a pure tri-Ace game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jormungand View Post
    Any idea why this is called a "collaboration" between tri-Ace and Konami? I was under the impression it's a pure tri-Ace game.
    probably just a fancy marketing term

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    Hey Konami, when will we see Suikoden 6, Suikoden Tierkreis 2, or other Suikoden spinoffs? Its been over 5 years since we seen another Suikoden other than a spinoff.

    I would love to see a new Suikoden involving the rise of Harmonia, or a civil conflict within this powerful nation similar to Suikoden 5 Falena Civil War or Sun Rune War.

    In the case of Harmonia, the war will be called the Circle Rune War or Hikusaak War, or a war similar to the Firebringer Wars of Suikoden 3.

    Other good locations for new Suikodens include New Armes and Nagarea in the Southern Continent with occassional visits to Falena Queendom, the northern regions of the Northern Continent mainly involving Harmonia, the Western Continent with a war involving one of its nations and Gaien Dukedom, or possibly the Eastern Continent.

    Konami, bring us another Suikoden before it becomes a lost RPG then focus on other projects.
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