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Thread: Devil Survivor Overclocked Trailer Reveals Release Date

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    Devil Survivor Overclocked Trailer Reveals Release Date

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked shows off its new voiced dialogue and release date. If that isn't Laura Bailey doing Yuzu's voice, this news writer will eat her hat.

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    doesn't sound like laura bailey to me. proceed to hat eating!
    thanks for reading

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    I really loved the first version, and I wanna support Atlus as I'm totally a faithful, but I don't have a 3DS and I don't know if the additions would make a significant difference. While I could buy it and keep it shelved until the eventual purchase of a 3DS, I really wish I could decide on whether I'd even play it instead of stuffing it into my backlog because it's a game I already beat....

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    Wow, it's really hitting here before Japan? That's bizarre. I hope it does better on the 3DS than it did on the DS for Atlus, it really is a great game. I'm looking forward to taking it on again.
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    I enjoyed the first one, but I don't want to play it agian.. I had it freeze up completely 3-4 times during my original DS playthrough. The game was good fun, but sometimes a little too grindy, and some of the battles took longer than I would have liked for grinding... Though, not nearly as long as some of the levels in Disgaea's grind fest. Meh, looks fun and like a well deserved upgrade, but no 3ds for this one.


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