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Thread: Aksys Game Panel - Anime Expo

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    Aksys Game Panel - Anime Expo

    Our own Sarah Williams sat in on the Aksys Games panel at the Anime Expo. Be prepared for some exciting info regarding upcoming titles.
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    I love Aksys right now, I truly do.

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    Sarah's article states that she had not yet "...gotten the chance to play an otome game." Over the last few years, English speaking fans have done far better than companies at releasing stories and games in the reverse harem category. So yeah, this category isn't exactly well known, but fans are striving to make it more accessible.

    If you look at this list of English otome games from the Visual Novel Database --;fil=tagspoi...en;o=a;s=title -- you'll see only one game that a company has translated. (Before you click on the link, please note that the VNDB contains some content which is not safe for work.) The list doesn't mention two games which fall outside the visual novel category -- the DS game Princess Debut, and the freeware PC game Castle Chase.

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    Hmm, I'm kinda interested in the two, but I have to say that the Fate/Extra has me very intrigued. I'd get to choose my gender, then my type of companion and then woo said companion? And then BEAT PEOPLE UP with companion? I cannot see how I would be less than entertained by this process.

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    Fate/Extra is going to be a day-purchase for me off PSN. I am not the target audience for an otome game, but I will gladly buy if the VN is good!

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