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Thread: Clash of Heroes HD Coming to the PC

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    Clash of Heroes HD Coming to the PC

    If an HD remake of a fantastic DS game weren't enough, this bit of news may get you excited. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes will be coming to PCs soon.

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    Yay! Should've been released simultaneously with the PSN/XBLA versions, but I digress.

    EDIT: Q2 release window puts this right in line with the Heroes VI launch. Wouldn't be surprised if this hits around late August or the first week of September. Especially if it has some sort of tie-in with VI via the UPlay service.
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    I still haven't picked it up on PSN. Now I'm not sure if I want that or PC version.

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    Enough with the rereleases! I want CoH2 Dangnabit!

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