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Thread: New Info and Trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2

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    New Info and Trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2

    Even if you don't know the difference between a HUcast and a RAcaseal you can still see the charm of Phantasy Star Online 2 with this trailer. Better yet, you can grab eleven of your friends and enjoy it together.


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    Darn nostalgia. . . I may very well be tempted to pick this game up. I keep saying I'm going to figure out this PC gaming buiness. This game is as good as reason as any. . .
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    Speaking as someone who has actually really enjoyed the PS series post PSIV, I don't know about this one. It looks like a slight reworking of the PSU engine. That game was fun, but I don't know if I'd go back to it. The other thing I have to wonder is: How will they manage Hunter attacks that fling enemies when there are 12 players in a zone. It's something that was a bit wonky even with 6 in PSU so I'm a bit skeptical that they're going to pull it off well here.

    That said, I'm still interested in hearing more. This one's going to have to try pretty hard to sell me. (also they'd better as hell fix the problems that the PSU economy had. That thing was totally broken.)

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    I might just play this instead of FFXI if it comes to the states...and gets updates almost as fast as the JP version
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    Duuude. That looks awesome.

    I was also amused by the boob focus in the character creation segment.

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