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Thread: Fantasy Flight confirms Star Wars License

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    Post Fantasy Flight confirms Star Wars License

    sometimes my predictions work out...sometimes.

    Obi-wan never told about your licensing department, did he?

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    A friends comments on G+ with me about this:

    If they're willing to let Anima take the time to mature and grow, it will go well for them. If they do Star Wars an LCG, they'll make a ****load of money on that alone. What I mean by Anima, is that FFG has a horrible habit of making or producing RPGs and when they don't immediately take off, they end the line - abruptly. They did it with 3 previous RPGs - Grimm, Dawnforge, and Blue Planet. Looks like Star Wars is indeed an LCG. That will go very well for them.

    They have a piss poor record for continuing good lines. Dawnforge was 3.5, but what a variant! Blue Planet had 2 editions, and it was really a very good game. A bit of a precursor the layer type RPGs that followed it (Star Trek, Dune, and Lord of the Rings). Grimm got one book only. But they're tinking with the idea of re-making it. However, Anima they've allowed to mature, and the Warhammer and WH 40K RPGs sell off the shelves, so they're not going anywhere anytime soon. But the running "joke" is that unless it's Warhammer or an LCG, anything FFG makes or touches dies.

    And this guy has been doing table top gaming for 30 years.
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    Like I said in the other topic, if FFG gets the time to let SW mature and develop, it will be epic. They produce some seriously high-quality stuff.

    I'm also pretty interested in the minis game. I could see myself playing the hell out of that.

    And I've been waiting on a good SW CCG ever since Decipher's rendition ended.

    Yeah, I'm pretty durned excited.

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    FFG has some big shoes to fill if they want to approach the excellence that was the Star Wars CCG from Decipher. What I read from the LCG is that you can only play the Rebellion: I don't like this at all.

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