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Thread: Disgaea 3 Returns On PS Vita

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    Disgaea 3 Returns On PS Vita

    Continuing the tradition of Disgaea remakes, Nippon Ichi is going to take us all back to school. This time, we're on the PS Vita bus.


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    While I am annoyed by the way that NIS keeps rereleasing the same games on different consoles with minor bonuses, if this does include all DLC (downloading the "Complete DLC" dlc which gives you all dlc for disgaea 3 is $50), there probably is some value for money here. Especially since I haven't really finished Disgaea 3 yet, I've only gotten up to Chapter 4 or 5 before.

    I spent a little time trying to find what the dlc actually is; If anyone else was doing the same, here is the link. The list of dlc characters for Disgaea 3 is

    2. Adell [002]
    3. Rozalin [003]
    4. Taro [004]
    5. Hanako [005]
    6. Zetta [006]
    7. Pram [007]
    8. Tink [008]
    9. Yukimaru [009]
    10. Overlord Priere [010]
    11. Marjoly [011]
    12. Soichiro Kogure [012]
    13. Nekomata Class [013]
    14. Gordon [014]
    15. Jennifer [015]
    16. Thursday [016]
    17. Angel Class [017]
    18. Kurtis [018]
    19. Prinny Kurtis [019]
    20. Prinny [020]
    21. Mid-Boss [021]
    22. Dragon Class [022]
    23. Pleinair [023]
    24. Gig [024]
    25. Reyva [025]
    26. Super Hero Aurum [026]
    27. Aramis [027]

    I mean, twenty-seven is a lot of characters. And there's supposed to be an extra two as well? That's a lot. I guess the new two characters will be Disgaea 4 cameos?
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    27 characters, yet all you need is Mid-Boss.

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    well now I just have to wait for the inevitable 3DS remake announcement...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocelot View Post
    27 characters, yet all you need is Mid-Boss.
    The mistake I make with EVERY SINGLE NIS level-grinding game is I always end up with a team that's too big. I end up with a team of about 20+ characters where I try to level them all equally, my progress grinds to a halt, and then I remember that you can only ever have a max of 10 characters per map anyway, so half the team is obsolete. That's usually around the time I take a hiatus from the game!

    I do wonder about some of their picks though, I mean was Taro/Dragon class/both Kurtis AND Prinny Kurtis really popular enough to be released as dlc's? Still, we do get Plenair and Zetta! Although I did like the original cast of Disgaea 3 a lot (from the little bit I played). Mao and Almaz make a hilarious duo, and Saphire and Champloo are great in their own right as well.
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    That's a lot of characters. I enjoyed Disgaea 3 enough to pick up the Raspberyl chapters and then the angel and nekomata classes. I'm not sure the Nekomata class was worth the $1, as the game includes cute cat-people which were adorable and not scary at all. Paying $1 just adds in the skanky cat girls.

    Also, what's a PS Vita?

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    PS Vita is the next Sony handheld, was officially revealed at this year's E3.

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