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Thread: Sylia - Impression

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    Sylia - Impression

    Sylia is a game full of super duper cute animals. But why wasn't it cute enough for this editor to complete? See why in this informative impression.


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    Sounds like poison.


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    The art style doesn't really do much for me.

    I kind of know what you mean when you say you have less patience for playing rpgs after playing a lot of them. I used to have way more patience to try and get into a game. When I spent hours upon hours getting into the rougelike ADOM and actually finishing it on my millionth try 8 years ago (Dark Elven wizard! I sealed the Caverns of Chaos, but had so many corruptions I died alone as an outcast ) but I just can't keep focused on Dwarf Fortress long enough to know how to play it properly, even though everything about it screams good game.

    Although I did have less games and less things to do back in the old days. That might have something to do with it.
    Wait a second... If you're here, than that means... oh boy

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    I played the demo for about an hour and decided it wasn't for me either. The first map was such a disorganized mess that I didn't dare imagine what some of the later ones look like.

    I still have yet to complete a RPGMaker indie RPG but I'm sure there are some good ones out there I just can't bring myself to pay $10-$20 for one when I have so many incomplete games on my shelf. I have however picked up Breath of Death and Cthulu and while I haven't beaten them I've played a bit and found them enjoyable and the price point was a lot more accessible.

    I have also purchased several rpgs for my IPad I just hope some of these indie RPG developers find a way to get their games on these devices because I bet their sales would be significantly higher at a lower price available to millions.

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    Hero Killer, check out one of the christmas ones from John Wizard, they're free in entirety, so they're a great demo for his other games. Some of the most polished rpgmaker fare I've seen.

    As for this one, I enjoyed my time with the demo, but haven't picked up the full game yet. I probably will at some point, but that will have to be after I catch up on the Laxius Force and Millenium series.

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    The art style of this game already turned me off.

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