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Thread: New Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection Trailer

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    New Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection Trailer

    While actual information on Dragon Quest X is more prominent these days, there is still this little collection coming out soon. There's no word on if the game is leaving Japan, but you can still enjoy this trailer.

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    It's interesting how many games got NES to SNES remakes/collections back in the day. Final Fantasy continued that trend of "slight" upgrades across multiple consoles (Origins on PS1, PSP release). I wonder why they're just throwing the originals on a disc with Dragon Quest? (well... the originals plus the one time they were remade/upgraded)

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    Ok, so I'm not super knowledgable about the franchise and I don't speak Japanese, but it looks to me like they're putting the 3 original NES games + the Gameboy remakes on here? Or were there SNES remakes before the gameboy ones? If so, where do the GB I + II and GBC III sit on that?

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    There were Super Famicom remakes, and I believe they were used as the basis for the GBC remakes.
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