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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 192: "There's a Zombie in My RPG"

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    RPGCast - Episode 192: "There's a Zombie in My RPG"

    RPGCast - Episode 192: "There's a Zombie in My RPG"

    The RPGCast tries to help Chris deal with his anti-zombie complex. Square Enix tries its best to make Dragon Quest irrelevant in the west. Nintendo comes up with a new way to undermine 3DS sales. It's all good news this week.

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    I was JUST thinking that I'd like to hear Lusi back on the cast and TA-DA he's back! Awesome. Should be a good one.

    EDIT: whoops, listening to last week's while looking at this week's. Still: it was fun. Bring him back more.

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    Square Enix tries its best to make Dragon Quest irrelevant in the west.
    Well, that's always been the case. They're more trying to make it a Monster Hunter competitor than anything else, and as I asked in the chat, I can't help but wonder how well this will work in a home context. From what I understand, MH and DQ9 largely worked in Japan because of the country's packed commuter culture. How did Monster Hunter Tri on Wii do in Japan compared to the PSP games? That's probably a better barometer for the potential success than how DQ9 did, because DQ9 was a handheld title tailored very specifically for Japan's commuters.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if they did only sell the Wii version of DQX in Japan, and we will get just the Wii U release over here.
    (Assuming it doesn't take ages for the Wii U itself.)

    I also wouldn't had said DQIX was the worst in the series. Although I guess some people might say the story(/main quest) is a big step down for the series.
    Do lots of people play Dragon Quest games just for their stories? It would explain that reaction.

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    I really loved the story in IX! It seems like story has always taken a backseat in the DQ series.. It's sort of a less is more approach and that is something I can get down with.

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