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Thread: Star Wars: The Old Republic Arrives In Time For Christmas

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Arrives In Time For Christmas

    Christmas? What's Christmas? We thought the Star Wars universe had that Lifeday thing going. We could have sworn there was this holiday special that explained everything about it...


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    Got it pre-ordered, as a present to myself for finishing fall term, as finals are right before then. What a wonderful release date for those who are school bound!

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    Only if you hapen to liek Star Wars to that extent and I've long since gotten over that love of Star Wars. Movies fine, games ... pass
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    Looking forward to it. Not much for MMORPGs but all of my Navy friends are playing and that by itself is good enough for me to try it. Even got the edition with the statue that is suppose to come with it. Hopefully it will be fun.

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