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Thread: Neverwinter Goes from Co-Op Multiplayer Title To Full MMO

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    Neverwinter Goes from Co-Op Multiplayer Title To Full MMO

    Neverwinter finds out the hard way about cross-classing into an MMORPG. Someone forgot to tell them about the dreaded lag debuffs.

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    Eh... i was looking forward to this as well. We already have a D&D MMO and it's pretty OK, since it went free to play. I don't see the need for another one, oh well, I'll focus on other games and give this a pass.


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    This makes me loose what little interest I had in this game.
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    This makes me somewhat interested.

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    My interest has disinterested me in any disinterest I may have had for this game.
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    So it will be DDO with better graphics and the 4E rules.

    Sign me the heck up!
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    Count me out. I'm no MMO gamer. I liked the first two games a lot but this totally lost me. Oh well. Maybe I'll just run my players through a Neverwinter campaign.
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    Even if you hate MMORPGs generally, DDO is so unique that even non-MMORPG gamers like it. Actually several friends of mine usually don't play MMORPGs because they are too "generic", but they would play DDO with me any time.

    The main thing that bothers me about DDO is that the only payment method they offer outside north america is credit card. =/
    If they make a global server they should at least offer the most common prepaid card payment systems around the world like PaySafeCard and WallieCard. Oh well, guess they don't want my money.

    If this game is just like DDO but offers more payment models I'd totally go for it. And I heard the 4th edition is simpler than the 3.5th so that is a plus too. And since the world completely changed between 3rd and 4th, it's actually also a completely new story too lol.

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    Sounds like it went from an 40 hour game to a 400 hour game...Bleh. Many games already take too much time for the content they provide.

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