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Thread: The RPG Sanctum - #21: Best and Worst Villains

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    The RPG Sanctum - #21: Best and Worst Villains

    In this episode of The Sanctum, we discuss the best and worst villains from RPG history. We also try some new ideas for The Sanctum.


    I apologize in advance for the static in this episode, we aren't sure what caused it, but I do believe we have corrected the issue. The next Sanctum will be Saturday October 22nd at 9pm US EST, and will be streaming live at that time. The next topic will be Non-MMO Multiplayer RPGs.
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    Mad props on the Lezard Valeth mentioning. The man surely does strike me as one of the best villains in RPG history, as does Yggdrasil. AND OH GOD SEYMOUR! I swear I never liked him as a villain, and another reason why it was obvious he was a villain was because of the way he talked. The soft spoken ones are ALWAYS evil in JRPGs when their voice goes between soft and manly.

    I pity you guys, having to do the greatest villain debate in FF history. Personally, I think just from using the games themselves AND NOTHING ADDED TO THEM, Kefka wins. The man caused destruction, which is what he set out to do, and the loss of magic at the end of FF6 was planet wide destruction (if you consider how much the people depended on magitek or just magic in general). If you include all the FF7 extra stuff, Sephiroth wins because he's practically impossible to kill, and he exists at this point just to screw with Cloud's mind, which he does REALLY WELL.

    You guys gave me quite a few laughs when you mentioned the yaoi fangirls. DAMN YOU FANGIRLS AND YOUR ABILITY TO SCREW UP A ALREADY HORRIBLE VILLAIN/HERO RELATIONSHIP!

    Crispin Freeman is one of the best VAs for villains there is. Whether it's Alucard, Sakaki, or Albedo, the man has the voice for every occasion. Isn't that right, ma belle peche? *maniacal laughter*

    Overall, love the mentioning of the good villains, you guys.

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