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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 198: "Dirty Diablo Digressions and Other Controversies"

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    RPGCast - Episode 198: "Dirty Diablo Digressions and Other Controversies"

    RPGCast - Episode 198: "Dirty Diablo Digressions and Other Controversies"

    Manny is back to share his Blizzcon impressions. Magicka is back and getting some help from Ry'leh. Unfortunately, Nintendo is also the red.

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    Quin: You're on an RPG podcast, there is no reference too nerdy. Go ahead and drop a Logan's Run, worst comes to worst you get half the chatroom TVTropes-diving.

    Chris, your homework for episode 200 is to at least play through the first 3rd of TWEWY. That takes roughly 6 hours.

    The problem with Vita memory cards is that they're going to be required for a portion of games - as in the game will NOT BOOT without a memory card in the slot. And 2 gig Vita cards are going for the equivalent cost of an 8GB Pro Duo now. (I just bought a 16GB microSD card for $25 a couple of months ago, so there's no bloody way I'm paying a Sony premium for a Vita memory card. $250 for 32GB card + wi-fi Vita or bust.)
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    While I might just be speaking for myself, I didn't go from "Meh, another Kingdom Hearts game" to "I must have this game!" but rather "Meh another Kingdom Hearts game" to "I'm keeping my eye on this." Buying a game for one cameo is a bit much, even if it's The World Ends With You. If there's a whole stage based on the game and/or other TWEWY characters, then I'll be more likely to get it. Even then, I likely won't be buying KH3D day one.
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    Awesome. You guys did it again. You turned a slow news week into an awesome podcast.

    Yes, Chris, I am planning to get Dungeon Defenders for the PS3 and I would be ecstatic if you were to set up a time to play it with me. If I play Saturday or Sunday morning, it would be Friday/Saturday night for you.
    I haven't bought it yet, but I downloaded the demo and I was sold so freaking fast! It just seems like there are a ton of ways that we could complete a level. Can't wait to play it after White Knight Chronicles 2. OH YEAH! You play WKC2! We should play THAT together! Everybody including yourself is wrong about that game. It's deadly epic!

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    Marino guy (forgot the name) was very full of energy this week so the first minutes of the cast passed on quickly.

    What?! The Vita requires proprietary flash cards for saving up game save files instead of Memory Sticks?
    Never buy a game published by D3 Publisher that is not WKCII. They cheated on their fans by releasing a game that they didn't support not even for a year and they released a rushed translation.

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