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Thread: Mega Bloks BlizzCon Exclusive Thrall Figure Giveaway

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    Mega Bloks BlizzCon Exclusive Thrall Figure Giveaway

    At BlizzCon 2011, Mega Bloks gave away an exclusive mini-figure of Shaman Thrall, from the World of Warcraft, in every goody bag. If you want to get your hands on one of these cool little guys but didn't get the chance to attend this year's convention, then here is your chance. Mega Bloks was nice enough to provide us with three figures to giveaway to our readers just in time for the holidays.

    All you need to do to enter is reply to this thread with a brief comment telling us what you will do with the figure if you win it. The winners will be selected after the contest ends and will be contacted shortly after via PM. The contest is currently open for U.S. residents only.

    -Link to Contest page

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    I would place it into a shadowbox and hang it in my game room with all my other wow collectibles FOR THE HORDE!

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    He would stand as the KING of my toyshelf! Head and shoulders abpve my Halo and Marvel Mega Bloks, His hammer raise in triumph!

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    I'd place him next to my other plastic incarnations of Thrall, which reside on a shelf of prominence amongst my collection.

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    If I win a figure of Thrall I will place it on my desk at work next to my Spam Allstars postcard, Final Fantasy 11 tonberry strap and mini robot usb stick.

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    bah! stupid US only contest! A pox on thee! I was gonna use the figure to demonstrate the family resemblance between Thrall and myself (seeing as we're second cousins).

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    Axel Heatrage
    If I won I'd put it on my shelf(In my WoW gaming room) with my Thrall card. And he'd be the king of the shelf with his almighty doomhammer raised

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    I'd take him down to tour the Hollywood strip and mingle with his fellow celebrities.
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    Roommate has halo stuff all over the living room downstairs. I'd place him in the center of it, bring back some modicrum of respect to my home.

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    He would reign supreme over all of my LEGO star wars dudes. Except maybe Boba Fett. /fanboy

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    If I won it, I would give it to my room mate who is a mega huge WoW nerd, who would love it and cherish it forever!
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    Warlord of Orgimmar!

    If I won I would take Thrall with me when I go snowboarding take a picture of Thrall and I at the summit, send the photo to all my WoW friends. with the text "Wish you were here! If Thrall can make it, you should have to!

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