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Thread: The Last Story Gets a European Date

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    The Last Story Gets a European Date

    The month of February was already a little crowded with good games, but now Nintendo is adding The Last Story to the mix. Only time will tell if it will get buried in the noise or rise to the top.


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    I think it'll get burried, sadly. One man's monument to himself!
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    Well, those who live in Europe or North Americans who modded their Wiis can look forward to it. It looks like I'll have quite a stockpile of games but no worries - I'll buy em all, stock up and happily play during release droughts.

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    I imagine it will do about as well as Xenoblade did, however well that was(didn't pay attention to sales numbers). I just hope the whole trio of games will come to NA eventually.

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    Xenoblade did quite well in Europe, at least 200k. The first print run pretty much sold out, and the game was very difficult to find in September until more copies were shipped out. What we don't know is how many of those sales were importers, and thus how much market remains for Xenoblade in North America.

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