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Thread: Prepare to be Invaded in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

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    Prepare to be Invaded in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

    The invasion is only just beginning, as Atlus has spawned another new trailer for Devil Survivor 2. Some of these monsters include a comfy gem-encrusted pillow and a sparkling headdress.


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    I find the rainbow ice cream Septentrion to be the most odd-looking/amusing personally.
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    The title of this story makes me giggle like an immature nerd.

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    I'm really liking the way this game looks, but I still haven't played the first Devil Survivor. I've been waiting on what I thought would be an inevitable quick redesign of the 3DS (with better battery life and a second analog pad) so I can play Overclocked, but it hasn't happened as quickly as I hoped.

    I've held off on the 3DS long enough that I'm definitely going to continue to wait for a redesign, but now I'm tempted to pick up the original DS version. I still remember Anna mentioning bugs and freezing issues (back when she was first playing the game and on a recent RPGcast). Were they game-breaking issues or did they just force a few re-loads? I enjoy the SMT battle systems enough that I don't doubt I'd still want to play Overclocked when I eventually get a 3DS, so the technical issues are the main thing holding me back.

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    I don't remember running into any bugs at all when I played the DS version but I got it pretty close to release so it's been awhile since I've played it.

    Preordered my copy of Devil Survivor 2 yesterday. From everything I've seen so far it looks like it should live up to the first one which was my first SMT game and quickly got me hooked on the franchise.
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