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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 206: "This Podcast Goes To Eleven"

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    RPGCast - Episode 206: "This Podcast Goes To Eleven"

    RPGCast - Episode 206: "This Podcast Goes To Eleven"

    Do you want spiky armor for Commander Shepard? EA has something for you. Do you want a really expensive 3G plan for you Vita? AT&T has something for you. Do you want a new PS4 at E3? Well, it's nice to want things.

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    Chris: I'm pretty sure in past podcasts when you talked about Dark Souls you said you were playing on PS3 but on the off chance you're on Xbox 360 I'd be happy to escort you through the game and show you the sights. I need to get started on my alt-cleric sunbros character anyway and I'm fairly sure I could catch up to you in a few days. From what I understand the patch removed the party chat disabling and there's some tricks you can use to get summoned into a buddies game as well. There's even a spot right before Gaping Dragon that's great for farming the humanity you'd need to play like this. I spent a good chunk of my time this morning there doing exactly that with my new game+ character actually.
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    Here is that "Future of Games" video from CES that I talked about on the show.

    Tested: The Future of Games
    "Michael Pachter, Mark Rein, and a panel of experts take to the couch to talk the future of game consoles, the real problem with the iPad and why 1080p isn't necessarily better. Things get a little crazy, tempers get heated, and Will makes fun of chainsaw guns."

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    FYI Parasite Eve was "dropped" from the title of 3rd Birthday because they no longer have the rights to that name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheels View Post
    FYI Parasite Eve was "dropped" from the title of 3rd Birthday because they no longer have the rights to that name.
    Which is part of the reason why there were almost 0 references to the last two games, and why T3B felt so out there. They couldn't reference the other games, and they couldn't continue the PE series as they wanted to. If they got the rights to the name again, odds are we'd see an impressive return to the series, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon.
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    Iv missed the last couple of casts because iv been playing games and unfortunatly dont have my pc in my room, but as i bought a laptop today, now i can watch the video podcast and play games at the same time which will be fun
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    I hope the pc petition for Dark Souls goes through. I'd really love to play that game and indulge my in masochist.
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    If you're looking at current anime series and having trouble finding a show that stands out, then you're seeing the results of a phenomenon known as pandering to the base. This phenomenon can happen in just about every type and style of media, as the link above will prove. This is what happens when companies rely more and more on existing fans in order to make money. Companies start making the same few types of products, and unless they start attracting new fans, the fanbase becomes more and more insular. It becomes difficult to justify spending money on unproven ideas.

    You know what's frustrating? When the people who make unique stories and products don't make money. It's all too common to hear of niche things that do not become a commercial success because they lack a well known brand name, have little advertising or merchandise, or just don't appeal to millions of fans. While the hyped-up mainstream series make big bucks, the people making innovative products only get a little recognition or respect. In terms of anime-manga, one person who makes niche series is Naoki Urasawa. His series, such as 20th Century Boys, Monster, and Master Keaton, tend to be serious and non-flashy... they don't exist just to sell toys and figures. Another person whose series tend to break expectations is Mohiro Kitoh. If you thought his series Shadow Star and Bokurano were optimistic or childish, then you would be very wrong. If you're looking for people who have their own visual styles, then be sure to try the recent series directed by Akiyuki Shinbo (especially Bakemonogatari and Madoka Magica), or just about anything made by Hiroyuki Imaishi. There's more examples, but these were just the first few that came to mind.

    Finally, I think you are looking for *non-licensed* video games which resemble *specific* anime series. If not, say so.

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    If you are looking for a way to manage games on a PSP (and the Vita I assume) try the Sony MediaGO software. I know that it is hard to believe that Sony can produce a decent piece of software but MediaGo works really well for transferring games to and from the PSP and I find it easier to keep games stored on my computer (always on, bigger HD) rather than the PS3. Unless the Vita games get huge, I think an 8GB card would give a good enough selection of games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caddyalan View Post
    Currently filed next to Victory Gundam and Clannad in the "So overwhelmingly depressing it removes any and all desire to ever watch them ever" folder. The only positive thing I really have to say about that series is the haunting "Uninstall", the opening theme.

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