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Thread: Star Trek Online Goes Free-to-play

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    Star Trek Online Goes Free-to-play

    I tried to follow the Captain's orders, but it turned out that the second star from the right was for premium players only. That's how I ended up in a Risa pleasure resort, Admiral.


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    Yeah, this game isn`t that good. I played the demo and it was kinda fun. the onle things i like about this game is the Star Trek Setting and the fact that you by no means need a party or guild at all, you can have your dumb *** crew mates help you instead. Yep this game is Ok, but not great i would give it a 3/5 or 3.5/5. I mean it works as a game the combat has a nice 3rd person shooter feel to it. The story is a nice add-on to the Star Trek Universe. I cant say much for the leveling system because I didn`t Play with it much during the demo. The brige officers are basicly like skills, abiilities, or spells in other games, but they only do anything during ship to ship combat. This game brings up loads of mixed feelings, I like and yet the bad things that people are saying about it are true, so it is just hard to give my feelings about it. I can only say that if you really like the Star Trek Universe and really want to be a part of the new peace of it then this game is for you, but if you just want a really fun MMORPG this game wouldn`t be at the top of your list. (Yet it wouldn`t be at the bottom either.)

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