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Thread: Risen 2: Dark Waters Dev Q&A

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    Risen 2: Dark Waters Dev Q&A

    Pirates are all about wine, women, and song. If you want to know how Risen 2 handles those areas and more, we have the details.

    Q&A Here
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    Way to tease, Mac. There doesn't appear to be any actual area-handling in the game.

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    I'll be there day 1 for this game. The first game's last chapter was a chore to play through but the rest of the game was fun with grat exploration. I can't wait for this, most anticipated wRPG this year.

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    I'm definitely getting this one too since Armada of the Damned got cancelled. This is the only valuable-looking pirate game around right now.

    I don't care at all for the way these guys answer questions. They asked about pirate romance and the guy said, "He will meet women but how far the romance goes is entirely up to the player's imagination." If we have to imagine it, doesn't that mean it's not in the game? So, shouldn't the answer simply be, "He will meet women but romance is not really part of this story." Tell me if I'm wrong. I hate when people try to sugar coat things to make them confusing.

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    This game's title just makes me think of:

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    Tell me if I'm wrong. I hate when people try to sugar coat things to make them confusing.
    It's difficult to answer questions about a game while trying to avoid spoiling too much.

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